Short Notes
June 3rd, 2024

Short Ruby Newsletter - edition 93 published

Highlights from the 93 edition of Short Ruby Newsletter

Events: EuRuko, RailsWorld, and BalticRuby announced the agenda and speakers. They have great lineups. Two returnees: Ruby Ireland and Barcelona.rb. SF Bay Area Ruby Meetup and Rails World Conf announced their next dates. 

Ruby 3.1.6 and 3.3.2 are released. Rails 7.2 beta is announced. You can upgrade today to Ruby 3.3.2 and should start adding Rails 7.2 to your

Read an article written by Why in 2003 posted by Nick Schwaderer last week where Why says why SQLite is amazing. Why was/is ahead of his time

You can see some code Samples about Hotwire patterns, fixtures, controllers, inline SVG, presence in helper, and rails validations.

Code Design: You can read about how Campfire handles setting stimulus tags on more complex elements. 

Then, in the Choose Ruby section, read an inspirational thread by Irina Nazarova about Rails being the most productive way to build CRUD web apps in 2024 backed up with examples (see their names and numbers - income/market caps and more). Read also why DHH thinks people picked up Rails after watching the 15-minute blog video.

In the Library section, discover a new gem, a code repo, and updates shared by gem maintainers.

If you were to read one thing about the entire "drama" generated from outside the Ruby world this week, read Louis's take in the Related section. Don't miss Arian's learnings about building digital products there.

Of course, the newsletter has much, much more content.
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