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Celebrating 4500 subscribers

Today I am celebrating 4500+ subscribers for Short Ruby Newsletter Huge thanks to the #Ruby community!What is Short Ruby Newsletter? It is a free Monday morning summary of articles, discussions, and news from the Ruby community. I watch a series of places, such as Twitter, Ruby Social, Reddit, LinkedIn, Dev to, and some other sources. If you want to see how an edition looks, you can browse all 85 editions published so far at I invite you to subscribe if you have not done so already! You can see a short preview videos of how it looks like inside...

Using Bruno - the API client

I started using Bruno this weekend, and I enjoyed it very much. The biggest advantage for me is having all the collections stored in text files on my file system. SeeI  store them in a Rails app's/docs/requests folder. Works very well! Here is an example of what I defined in the project that I use to manage citations for Short Ruby Newsletter. This is how I defined a collection. Bruno uses their own markup language called Bru, which is similar to JSON in some ways. For instance, it uses key-value pairs to store data, just like JSON. I wanted the...

A small example about how Ruby is evolving

A small example about how #Ruby is evolving.  I took a code sample from a feature request from 2011 and wrote it using features that will be available in Ruby 3.4 In case you are wondering, `_1` is called a numbered block parameter, and in this case, it is a shorthand syntax for the first parameter in that block.You can play with `it` block param already using Reply to this on Twitter, Mastodon, or Linkedin

Slack time - is lack of it a warning sign?

I feel that something important is increasingly missing from how organizations are handling the work: slack time. In many cases, I see a rush to fill the day in such a way that each team member is fully occupied. When thinking about development, there is a tension between the effort to write code faster and release it quickly AND the effort to grow as a team or individual. While running at a high pace to release quickly, we cut the slack time from our projects => there is no time to think and cooperate.  Want to have people do quicker...

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