Short Notes
May 20th, 2024

Short Ruby Newsletter - edition 91 published

There were many significant events in the #Ruby world last week, making the newsletter quite lengthy. It's hard to choose just one highlight, but here are a couple of points:

  • Ruby 3.4.preview was released, and strings will now behave as if they are frozen by default.
  • The refactoring of Array.each to Ruby code made it significantly faster than the C implementation.
  • Rails tagged the 7.2 branch, and development for Rails 8 has started.
  • Richard Schneeman wrote an insightful comment on Reddit explaining how Ruby GC works and recommended a list of articles for a deeper understanding.
  • Chris Salzberg shared a thread about the upcoming namespace feature in Ruby 4. You should read the discussion in the Ruby tracker about this feature.
  • Andrei Bondarev shared a story about helping a company migrate from Node.js microservices to a Rails monolith.
  • Mohammad A. Ali wrote a couple of threads about SQLite, including using it as a Rails cache and optimizing Litestack.
  • Eileen M. Uchitelle replied to a question about how decisions are made in Rails and explained how the Rails core team works.
  • Many conference slides from RubyKaigi were shared, including so much information and exciting things inside.

And this is just a small part of the newsletter. You can find everything inside the Short Ruby Newsletter.

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