Short Notes
July 3rd, 2024

3 required elements for a good techincal blog post

If you're a developer who has built your own blog, please ensure every article has a visible publish date.

While there's advice on creating "timeless" posts, a technical article can be reviewed properly IMO only when it includes a publish date.

Languages and frameworks evolve with time. 

Some things change some other parts remains the same. It is important to be able to trace a piece of information to the date it was published so put it in the context of what the version of the language or library used. 

Consider it a mark of quality for your work to ensure every blog post includes these three key elements:

1️⃣ A clear, easy to identify title written as text (not an image)

2️⃣ The full name of the author

3️⃣ The publish date

Let me explain each point:

1️⃣ A clear, easily identifiable title in text

The title should be written as text, not embedded in an image. This allows readers to copy or cite your title. You can add an image, but ensure the title remains as text.

2️⃣ The full name of the author

If you have a public blog linked to your official name, make sure to write your full name. This doesn't apply if you write under a pseudonym. 

We can't identify you by just your first name, nor we can reference/cite you by your first name. 

3️⃣ The publish date

We need to be able to know when a technical blog post was published so we know how fresh or old the information is and can review it or assess its relevance to our current situation.